8/2 Update

Episode 4 and Mincon

Currently Episode 4 "The Exam" is well underway! It's going a lot faster than previous episodes. Animation has been finsiehd on the episode and I've already begun clean up and lip flaps. The first 2 scenes of the episode are 100% complete. I've added a sound designer to the team and she's already helping out a ton! I'll be going back to work on cleaning up the 3rd scene of the episode tomorrow after Mincon. Normally there's about a 3 1/2-4 month wait between episodes, but it's looking like it'll only be a 2 1/2 month wait for episode 4. It will definitely be released this month I will be a guest at Mincon - http://www.mineolalibrary.info/mincon.

I will have a few copies of the second book, "Shadows of Existence" on hand, a few DVDs and a good amount of prints to sell at the con. Make sure to stop by if you're in the NYC/Long Island area!

Below is a shot from our recent studio session. We've begun recording lines for episode 5 and 6! I'm always looking to increase the quality of this show as best as I can, and moving to a professional studio to record and live direct the voice actors is tremendously beneficial. I'll have some videos and pictures from the session on the 1 year anniversary later this month!



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