9/6 Update

Camp Anime 9/19-9/21

Come to CampAnime, September 19th-21st! There's some awesome guests and I'm holding the first ever Shattered Heaven Panel!

Episode 4 "The Exam" will be screened, plus I'll be debuting an early look at both Episode 5 "The Howls of Despair" and Episode 6 "Broken Promises".

The panel will be more than just SH. With both Kira Buckland - Voice Actress and Brittany Lauda - Voice Actress hosting with me, we'll discuss making an animated series, how to get started, how to work with voice actors, the importance of directing and a bunch of other things.

Clifford Chapin (Voice Actor) from Attack on Titan will also be there! Make sure to check out his panels as well!

So if you're in the Connecticut area, come down for a weekend of what will be a lot of fun! Hope to see some people there!


Below is a shot from our recent studio session. We've begun recording lines for episode 5 and 6! I'm always looking to increase the quality of this show as best as I can, and moving to a professional studio to record and live direct the voice actors is tremendously beneficial. I'll have some videos and pictures from the session on the 1 year anniversary later this month!




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